My Journey, My way

I am Shreya Ghodke. An artist and an ardent admirer of different cultures. Being an artist is a guiding force in all the initiatives that I have taken for public outreach. I learn every day from things around me. Being a professional fine artist from the last twenty years has helped me in achieving my creative goals. My workshops give me an opportunity to meet people of all age groups with multiple talents. Which serves as a catalyst for growth and self-development on both sides. 

My creative journey embarked on the land of diversity, India. And my artistic knowledge evolved from a set of beliefs, rituals, customs, and traditions that helped me in establishing my creative identity. I view art as a beautiful interpretation of cultural ethos and value systems. And I acknowledge the contributions of various artists and craftsmen who have helped in sustaining the art streams through generations.

This is my journey beyond landscapes that started from India, and today I have become a creative blend of cultures. Being an artist is an emotion and a feeling which connects me with the prolific virtues of others. I love to share ideas and knowledge with people. And their smiling faces give happiness and satisfying experience in return. 

why Choose Us

Experience team of artists

As a team, we are a unique fusion of skills, knowledge, and quirks. We are different people with one common passion – Art. It is this zeal that brings us together and makes us an excellent team for work and play. We believe in making our knowledge and skills available to all our participants so that they can learn, understand, and love the art forms we teach. We also believe that art forms are not static; hence, we continually look forward to learning from the perspective of our participants and introduce those themes in the practice of art to make it more dynamic and contemporary. Each time we step out for a program, we define our success as enrichment of the lives of our participants and some new and fun learning for us. It helps us in nourishing our practices and skills, further promising the scopes of constant improvement. Arteecraft provides an opportunity to make friends, encourage traditional art-forms, exchange cultures, and above all, having loads of fun with the creative juices flowing.

Custom Creative Theme

We convert your requirements into the creative theme which is suitable for all the age groups. We source the required material and keep everything ready for the event/workshop.

Professional Staff

We have DBS cleared professional staff who knows how to engage participants. We display samples and demonstrate the whole process for everyone to follow and show creativity.

Effective Communication

𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞 – Encourage people to participate and appreciate their efforts in the process.