Art of Saree Draping

Saree is a nine-yard wonder adorned by women of India. It is a classic example of simplicity at its best. Saree, in a simple language, stands for an un-stitched garment made of 6 to 9 meters fabric worn in different styles. It is the beauty of a Saree that defines the real sense of Indian culture. A saree works for all age groups, and every occasion. From daily wear to festivities, it is always present, with its undefined charm and timeless beauty.

We at Arteecraft, wish to celebrate this classic art of draping a saree. You can learn the art of pleating and wearing it with your own hands with our simple tips and techniques. Make your personal style statement and look different. Besides, you can take a picture with Zarokha Styled (Traditional Window art) photo frame as a memory to cherish forever.

Learn the art of draping a Saree with hands-on experience. Explore the diversity of South Asian Culture with different regional styles of draping. While you explore this variety on display, our team members would guide you about the techniques to wear a Saree. Besides, you can take a complimentary Zarokha Styled (Traditional Window art) photo frame with your picture in it as a memory to cherish thereafter.

Welcome to this classic art of Saree draping. Decode this un-stitched garment and witness nine yards do its magic.

Get “Sareed” Away in the winds of change