Block Printing

Block printing is an old art of creating colored designs on fabric using wooden or metal blocks. Finding roots from China and Japan, block printing now is an intricate part of traditional handicrafts of India. The hand block printing process involves the use of a wooden block with a design or pattern carved on it. Then it is inked or dipped in natural dyes or acrylic colors on the fabric to make a particular pattern. The wooden blocks have impressions of animal or natural figures, floral imprints, ethnic patterns imbibed on them. Once soaked in colors and pressed hard on fabric, the design is ready to be displayed.

Join us for this joy ride and use your creativity to make your own masterpiece. Feel the emotion of designing with us. Our team will not only present a demo but will also help you in understanding the process of printing. Explore from a set of coolest designs on blocks and learn something new and different.

Master piece created by a participant in our workshop.