Kandeel Making

Kandeels or traditional lanterns are an essential part of South Asian Culture. From event decor to home adornments, paper lanterns are a perfect ambient lighting choice for every setting. They are available in all shapes and sizes and made of locally available materials like paper, canes, bamboo, and other decorative items. One can take creative inspirations from animals, sea creatures, simple abstract forms, and many others.

Kandeels are used differently in all cultures. They are considered auspicious and an epitome of attracting blessings. Be it festivals, Celebrations, special occasions, they always light up with their distinctive charm and beautify the ambiance.

The art of lantern-making is as exciting as it appears to be, so why not create your lantern instead of buying it? Join us to learn this easy way of making it along with your friends and family. And beautify your personal space with a dazzling paper lantern.

Lights for our hearts.