Lippan Kaam

Mud and Mirror Work, which is also known as “Lippan Kaam,” is an ancient mural craft of Kutch, India. Lippan means “mud washing,” and Kaam means “To work.” This beautiful mud relief work is carried on the interior and exterior walls for decoration. 

Apart from the wall spangle, it is also used over a wooden panel to create beautiful murals. Each pattern is then adorned with small pieces of mirrors known as “aabhla.” One can find more graceful forms of birds, trees, animals, human figures, along with simple geometric patterns and designs beautifully bedecked on the walls.

Perfect this art with Arteecraft. We will guide you on every step. Select a design or a theme and embellish it with beautiful mirror pieces. Be an Artist, and be amazed by your creativity. 

A reflection of the soul.