Rangoli, in simple words, refers to rows of colors. It is a regular practice to decorate homes and backyards with a beautiful Rangoli for many Indian households. But during Diwali, this fascinating art form comes alive in its true visual appeal. Different patterns or designs are drawn on the floor using locally available materials like sand powder, rice powder, colored powders, and seasonally available fresh flowers petals, foliage and many others to make a Rangoli. It’s a fascinating form of art that is symbolic of inviting great fortunes and blessings.

Rangoli is an enduring art form that brings people together. One can find varying patterns of Rangoli in a simple to intricate designs in every household. The styles are so unique to every family that one may not find identical Rangoli being made in the neighbourhood.

Let us celebrate this age-old art of India. Learn Rangoli by sprinkling skin-friendly colors and petals on a predesigned pattern. We will give you a platter of colors and flowers to choose from. Just use your fingers and sprinkle the colors of life.

Rangoli Art with Fresh Flowers 

This simple floral art uses locally or seasonally available flowers and foliage. Fresh flowers like marigold, daisies, jasmine, roses, and many others are used to make beautiful patterns on the floor. And to enhance the beauty, oil lamps or diyas are positioned in between or in other dimensions in sync with the design. This not only enhances the beautifying effect but also adds freshness to the décor.

Rangoli Art with colors 

Beautiful design patterns can be created with the use of colored powder, sand powder, colored rice, and many others. People create simple to intricate designs using these non-toxic& skin-friendly materials. Embellishing the finished art with a candle or an oil lamp that enhances the decorative effect of Rangoli. 

Arteecraft welcomes you to the world of colors & flowers. We will help you practice and understand this beautiful art. Learn both the forms of sprinkling colors and flower petals of your choice and take away the joy and happiness of refreshing colors and flowers.