Terracotta Diya Decoration

Diyas or Deepak are traditional oil lamps of India, which are usually made from earthen clay, with a cotton wick dipped inside to illuminate the surroundings. Diyas are innate to Indian culture holding high religious and cultural importance. A Diya is synonymous with “Diwali,” The Indian festival of lights which celebrates the triumph over evil. People all over India celebrate Diwali with lighting oil lamps and lanterns all over. A diya is considered to be a symbol of happiness, fortunes, and prosperity. 

Apart from festivities, lighting a diya is a daily practice for Indian Households. It signifies welcoming brightness, knowledge, and wisdom. Diyas are available in various shapes, sizes, and textures. Silver, metal and brass diyas are more sustainable and are used to illuminate the houses and temples. While earthen or terracotta diyas are in high demand during festivities.

These diyas are very elegant and easy to make too. Let us celebrate the joy of decorating a Diya with our hands. We will provide terracotta diyas with a variety of decorative materials like paints, glitters, and beads. Enjoy this experience with your family and friends, and celebrate the festival of lights and shine with us.

Isn’t it a good I’Diya!!