Traditional Kite Making

Kites are a popular & exciting outdoor activity on a slightly windy & pleasant day. The origins of kites can be traced about 2800 years ago in china to a philosopher known as “Mozi,” who created a wooden eagle-shaped bird and kept it airborne. These stories of origins have always inspired human beings to do something new and different. And the modern version of kites is a perfect example of the progress it has made since it was invented.

Earlier versions of kites were commonly made of paper or silk used as a main body with the support of bamboo sticks or woods. While the modern kites are made from synthetic materials, such as nylon, glossy craft paper as the main body, and other flexible materials as support that make it more resistant/sustainable.

Kites are available in various shapes and sizes. A simple kite is flat and diamond-shaped, while more complex is available in a fancy range of animal or bird figures to many more. Apart from marking special occasions, exotic kites are also used for promotional, corporate & tourism branding.