Warli Painting

Warli painting is a form of ethnic art created by a tribe of Maharashtra, India. This traditional technique is used to decorate the walls of houses and temples. It portrays the simplicity of everyday life, flora & fauna, celebrations, and other activities. This is a classy reflection of an uncluttered art that uses minimum colors but encourages a profound way of thinking.

This simple wall painting uses a basic set of geometric shapes. A circle, a triangle, and a square. These shapes are symbolic of the different elements of nature. And a depiction of a harmonious relationship between nature and human beings. The circle is inspired by the sun and the moon, while the triangle comes from mountains and pointed trees. The square indicates a piece of sacred patio/courtyard.

Depicting scenes from everyday life like weddings, hunting, fishing, dancing, harvesting, etc. Warli art is firmly attached to nature, and motifs like birds, flowers, and trees emphasize /symbolize the harmony between nature and human beings.

The Warli paintings are created using a white pigment made from a mixture of rice paste and water, with gum as a binder. Today, this art has gracefully transitioned to paper and canvas. And it looks best on natural terracotta-colored base or dark backgrounds. The colors used are natural and hence pose no harm to humans and nature. 

The white pigment is a skin-friendly mixture of rice paste and water with gum as a binding agent.

Explore this beautiful pictorial art with us and learn to draw images that you connect with. Why not pick up the most beautiful brushes available and try and use your imagination to create something as unique as you are.

Allow yourself to paint your happiest memories on a wall, a paper, or a fabric with smooth strokes and keep it with you forever.

Indulge in this super fun and exciting activity to celebrate a simple form of art. And brace yourself up to embrace a Warli way of life.

Where there is a warli will…there is a beautiful way